The WordPress clone written in GNU Bash

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Posted on Feb 2, 2014 4:35PM

Not Finished

WordBash development has been paused. I just wanted to demonstrate that a web application like a blog can be created as a shell script.

WordBash is not finished. At this stage, WordBash is what I call proven concept. Since you are seeing and interacting with software that is almost identical to WordPress, I consider this proof that WordBash is a working web application. However, not all WordPress features are implemented.

The current Object Oriented approach, as I have implemented it, is as valid as any "real" paradigm (and in fact shows that "real" classes and objects can just add bloat and why I am calling WordBash non-paradigm code), and that may not change much, but WordBash will end up with architectural changes if I continue development.

WordBash has had only about eight months of development—with several months of gaps—and there are bound to be one or two things wrong that could completely mess things up. I wrote this code to learn Bash.

Many of modern programming's fancy methodologies and paradigms can be implemented in shell script. So too can they be implemented in machine language, as that is in reality all that exists anyway (if you heard this from me first, you should not have heard this from me first).

Except that, as I am trying to demonstrate with WordBash, these methodologies and paradigms are not always necessary.

Future Versions

WordBash has been an on and off development project. There are perhaps few limitations to what can be done to create a complete WordPress clone in just Bash.

But this code already looks and acts like WordPress in only 1,300 lines of Bash shell script. I chose the Twenty Eleven theme to release in as it is quite popular—I do not particularly like that it wastes so much space (and I lessened it), however, a WordBash theme consists of just two files. Besides, "look and feel" is only HTML and Javascript.

1. As a curiosity at first—but then it worked.
2. Some code, including the Admin code, is not included in this version.

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